Friday, 7 June 2013

‘‘Chewing well and seeing around corners’’

 Google do this well. Their slow, methodical chew to becoming not just online but ‘The Internet’, is much like the chew of one practicing Hara hachi bu.

Store. Gmail. Google Drive. Google Search. Youtube. (Whilst keeping that all important brand identity of ‘a lot of white space on our landing page’). Theirs is an obvious story of success but more importantly a stalwart of ‘How not to rush’.

Very hard to do in an industry which literally changes as you type. If you’re an internet based business two practices are imperative; Innovation and Slowly, Slowly…

The ability to detect a market trend and offer a unique solution (or see around the corner) is a rare talent because with seven billion plus on the planet and the internet the gel that binds – most are taken. When you do stumble upon that elusive golden egg, the urge to rush to market for fear of being trumped can be all consuming but DO NOT RUSH.

Before you pour money into your project do your due diligence; research your market, work out the ROI – if it is good it will work. Being beaten to market is just a precursor to what will eventually happen anyway, someone will come and offer what you offer cheaper or with a slightly tweaked USP; basically copy your idea.  However by methodically chewing your idea BEFORE launch, you can cover any angles you may have missed by rushing to market and launch The Best solution on offer.

I mean, it allegedly took God seven days to create everything and seven days is a helluva long time if you can do anything.

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